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    Welcome to the home of Burt Technologies, Inc., developers of the BURT System family of packaging & distribution software solutions.

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    We are proud that our products and services are used by 10 of the top 20 Sunday newspapers, and 10 of the top 20 dailies.

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    Our mission is to provide the highest quality software products and support services. A quality product deserves nothing less.

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Welcome to BURT Mountain

Welcome to the home of Burt Technologies, Inc., developers of the BURT System family of packaging & distribution software solutions.

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Evergreen, Colorado, we have developed a reputation for providing the highest quality software & support services.

Burt Technologies, Inc. has been providing packaging & distribution software since 1985. We are proud that our products and services are used by 10 of the top 20 Sunday newspapers, and 10 of the top 20 dailies.

BREAKING NEWS: BURT Cloud is here!

Would you like the secret to getting even more value from the BURT System?

Less is MORE

Less: Hardware, Maintenance, Software updates, Backups, Security Issues, Third-party applications, and IT Requirements.


More: Uptime, Performance, Scalability, Data Security/Redundancy, Latest Burt features, and IT Staff time/budget for other projects.

How does BURT Cloud sound to you so far?


Supercharge your BURT System for zero I.T. dollars

Have your Packaging projects become LARGE while your organization’s I.T. department has gotten small? The BURT System helps your team do more with less. But the thought of dialing your I.T. department for help gives you pause. Given the shrinkage in I.T. staff, how can I ask them to:

·         Setup and maintain two new Burt servers

·         Assign an engineer to my project

·         Manage server application upgrades and Burt database backups

·         Maintain my Burt database to ensure proper performance

·         Drop what they’re doing and answer my questions when I need help


Good news – you can put down the phone! Burt Technologies just became your Total Solution.


Avoid the added burden to your organization - not to mention the expense. Your team uses and loves the BURT System…every day. But they never see the servers. They just see the BURT System on their screen. Change nothing for them and everything for your I.T. team.


Put your BURT System in the Cloud!


Unplug your Burt servers and enjoy the ultra-fast, ultra-secure and ultra-reliable Amazon Web Services (AWS) and BURT Cloud. The highly-available and highly-redundant BURT System and AWS combine to give you a powerful platform.


No other Packaging & Distribution software offers this combination of Features, Benefits, Compatibility, Performance, and Security. Burt Technologies is in a Class of One.


While this is a change for the better for you and your I.T. team, it’s a transparent change for your Burt Users. They continue to log in from the same computer will the same user name and password. No expensive and time-consuming re-training or re-configuring. It’s business as usual for your team. You can be up and running with BURT Cloud in days.


Make friends with your colleagues in Finance and I.T. No more expensive capital projects for new servers. No more waiting in line for your I.T. project to get started. Call Burt Technologies and enjoy the BEST within days:

·         BEST features, benefits, and efficiencies available in the latest version of the BURT System.

·         BEST high-performance computing platform available from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

·         BEST stability, scalability, and security. Avoid the range of viruses and malware being produced every hour. AWS industrial-strength security measures keep your data safe and your application running. Redundant server platforms keep your team working without down time. Add server space to support new mailroom projects in minutes with AWS.

·         BEST performance from your Burt database. Let the Burt team manage:

o   Windows Server updates and patches

o   Third-party software updates (Adobe & Pervasive)

o   BURT System upgrades

o   Server-side printer support

o   Purge Draw files, Event logs, Report/Extract files, and Non-record details

o   Rebuild/Defragment SQL/PSQL tables

o   SAVE HOURS every week with BURT Cloud and enjoy top performance!

·         BEST customer support in the newspaper industry. Of course, you get this already!


Still unsure of the Cloud concept? It’s good to be skeptical when your organization’s data, performance and reputation is at stake.


Rest assured with BURT Cloud. We’ve partnered with the LEADER in the Cloud computing space – Amazon Web Services. Major corporations have run their businesses in the Cloud for many years. The Cloud is well beyond its first generation; delivering benefits daily to thousands of enterprises.


Trust Burt Technologies to move cautiously with new technologies - keeping you off the Bleeding Edge.



Not convinced? Consider the experiences of other AWS clients in the software industry:

"By combining the power of the cloud and industry-leading performance optimization technology, Riverbed and AWS have delivered a variety of robust, cloud computing and storage offerings. APN’s public endorsement as an Advanced Technology Partner highlights the value we bring customers deploying on AWS and raises general awareness of our applicability in the cloud.” Venugopal Pai VP Global Alliances, Riverbed

“Infor offers a full range of enterprise products on AWS and we view AWS as an important part of our future growth as a company. With APN’s designation of our firm as an Advanced Technology Partner and AWS SaaS Partner, AWS has demonstrated its commitment to supporting our firm and reaffirmed its investment in helping us build a successful business on AWS.”         Brian Rose SVP, Infor Labs

"Our products run entirely on the AWS Cloud, and as our business grew, we’ve gone from tens to thousands of servers almost seamlessly, which is amazing. Becoming an APN Technology Partner was fundamental for our growth. It gave us better access to technical resources through training and AWS Solution Architects, and the co-marketing tools increased our visibility in the market, generating new business." Thoran Rodrigues Founder & CEO, BigData Corp.

Ready to unlock the next generation of performance with BURT Cloud?


Why wait another week for your team to leverage the power of the latest BURT System features? Why wait another week to free your I.T. team from BURT System server support?



Get started with BURT Cloud right away. SAVE MONEY and TIME.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest quality software products and support services.

Quality Software

Developed in concert with over seventy major production facilities in North America over twenty-seven years, the packaging & distribution software offered by Burt is unparalleled in the industry.

Quality Support

Burt is committed to providing the very best in support services. A quality product deserves nothing less.

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